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Chatbot management system

Chatbot for e-commerce

Create a thank-you chatbot that will help you make purchases and tell you what you need in e-commerce.

Chatbot for education

It is possible to substitute the role of teacher who is necessary for elementary, middle and higher education through chatbot. Create a more comfortable, near educational chatbot.

Chatbot fot security

Security must have a lot of staff to handle. But it's hard to know all the things that you have to keep. Leave many laws and regulations to chatbots.


Currently, DUNA is applied in many cases.

Rule engine

Scenario design technology with rule engine of decision logic

Real time analysis

High-performance engine for multiple requests based on real-time parallel processing engine


Real-time profiling technology extracts the information that is currently required based on the requested situation and past information.


Our team is working hard to make new changes every day.

  • 2017-2019

    Chatbot system development

    We have developed a chatbot system that can be used in various fields, and it is designed to facilitate the maintenance by creating a rule-based scenario.

  • 2012-2016

    Real time analysis engine

    We have created an engine called 'Kronos' which has a real-time analysis function that allows us to find abnormal transactions, and applied them to various fields.

  • ~ 2011

    Prepare new business

    Having prepared a new business based on long development and architect experience, we have developed various solutions.

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Our team consists of the following competent members.

Jung Iksub

Software engineer


Project Manager / Architect

Byun kyoungik

Just supporter

Our team maintains efficient working patterns through remote / home / flexible work patterns, and enables them to maximize their capabilities through an agile atmosphere.

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